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Rancho Nexo joins RH Accelerator

LONDON, ON and Mexico City, Mexico – March 23, 2020: Rancho Nexo is pleased to announce its acceptance into RH Accelerator. “I am excited, and looking forward to working with the team at RH Accelerator,” commented Matt Grant, Founder of Rancho Nexo. “The added resources and experience of the RH Accelerator team is expected to be a multiplying factor in Rancho Nexo’s growth as we connect customers and suppliers between Canada and Mexico.” “Rancho Nexo will develop a business gateway into the growing Mexican market for Canadian innovative companies.” remarked Joe Dales, co-founder at RH Accelerator. “We are looking forward to the increased global footprint that Rancho Nexo brings. Rancho Nexo, based in Ontario and Mexico City, Mexico is dedicated to connecting the world with the power of technology. By bringing together innovators and global channel partners delivering technology to new markets. Rancho Nexo was founded by Matt Grant to help innovative tech companies reach broader markets in a shorter period of time. Explore what Rancho Nexo has to offer at RH Accelerator Inc. provides long term, value adding investments to early stage innovative companies helping them grow their business. For additional information visit Contact: Matt Grant Rancho Nexo 519-829-9740 Michael Dales RH Accelerator 519 871-6620

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Rancho Nexo se junta con RH Accelerator

LONDON, ONTARIO y la Ciudad de México, México – 23 de marzo del 2020: Rancho Nexo se complace en anunciar que ha sido aceptado en RH Accelerator “Estoy entusiasmado y me dará mucho gusto trabajar con